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Something crossed my mind while I was out and about doing things today

If I drew all the female dragons in my lair, at least five have ridiculously complicated dresses, at least two are Lolita fashion, at least one dragon is Clothes Not Required, a few dragons are ALL THE…

Well, I reckon Ashfall Waste gets /hotter/ than that, and the surface of the Shifting Expanse is probably very outback/Death Valley like. But I can see the plaguelands being pretty… Steamy. Hot and humid, as it were.

That’s what I was somewhat confused about. Like Shifting expanse is a desert and Ashfall waste literally has magma right under the surface. But the Abiding boneyard is like a desert I think 

I imagine the Wastelands too be mostly humid? With all the moisture in the air, almost none on the ground. With the sun rarely seen because of noxious clouds from the Cauldron. Still hot tho, just in a very humid way.

Also, the Shifting Expanse could be cold? (or colder) It doesn’t have to be hot in a desert, just barren.

Of course there all the smaller zones within the Fligth Territory. bleeh. I have no idea what I’m doing.

Most likely, the Shifting Expanse is much like where I live, and right now it’s monsoon season. Thunder and Lightning storms with constant cloud cover are prevalent. And with the sun still overhead, the rain keeps the daytime muggy, humid and dim like eerie pre-dawn. It’s not particularly hot, but it’s gross, and the longer the rain falls each day and the clouds persist, the temperature can drop significantly every day.
And when it isn’t raining but we still have these storm clouds?
It’s dry as hell, hot and dark, nights are cold and the air is full of static.

Back in the city where the pavement insulated the heat even more, the air would get so charged that electrical devices would turn themselves on suddenly without warning.
We once had a toy firetruck tucked closed up in a cabinet, and sometimes during the dry and stormy summer months, the connections of the sounds and the lights would spark, and the toy would just start going off and flashing it’s lights. We’d just suddenly hear “ENGINE THIRTY-SIX, ROLLING!” and it’s siren started wailing and wouldn’t stop for like 20 minutes.

Pretty fucking creepy.




MALE SPIRAL - Stonewash Clo / Silver ES / Stone UB - 30k



MALE SPIRAL - Obs Clo / Thistle ES / Tangerine Crack - 30k



MALE GUARDIAN - Azure T / Shadow B / Rust B - 15k



MALE MIRROR - Stone Rip / Green Ser / Beige UB - 40k



MALE MIRROR - Fire T / Fire ES / Stone UB - 50k



FEMALE MIRROR - Beige T / Spring ES / Fire UB - 40k



FEMALE MIRROR - Orange T / Spring ES / Orange UB - 50k


Dragon sale megapost.

F/Sky Iridescent, Stonewash Shimmer, Stonewash Gembond 15k

F/Sky Iridescent, Stonewash Shimmer, Stonewash Gembond 15k

F/Obsidian Tiger, Obsidian Stripes, Goldenrod Underbelly 20k

M/Chocolate Tiger, Beige Stripes, Stone Underbelly 25k

M/ Chocolate Tiger, Beige Stripes, Soil Underbelly 25k

M/Brown Clown, Beige Stripes, Soil Underbelly 25k

(40% of each to Nevaka)

M/Maize Iridescent, White Shimmer, Maize Gembond

F/Maize Iridescent, Maize Shimmer, White Gembond 15k

M/Maize Iridescent, White Shimmer, White Gembond 15k

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