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***Happy Starfall Celebration!***

I hope you’re all enjoying our weeklong celebration so far! I know I am. The whole fleet is having a grand time, and we hope we can share our joyous spirit with others this week!

Today’s giveaway theme is "Ley Lines"! The Arcanist is a magical entity, capable of turning the most mundane things to gold, and that’s what we honor today~

The Giveaway:

  • 1x Arcane Runestone
  • 1x Ripple Gene
  • 1x Gilded Decorative Chest

The Rules:

  • Reblog with your Username and ID to be entered into the raffle!
  • Likes will not count!
  • You don’t need to be Arcane to enter! We loves all kinds in the Stardancer Fleet!
  • You needn’t follow, but … you know the rest!

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Happy Autumn Equinox! Today we have 6 Autumn tree dragons, previewed as adults here, all born today, who are looking for new homes! Take them home to cuddle while you sip your pumpkin spice latte or hot chocolate :3

Male - Slate/Lemon/Banana

Female - Brown/Banana/Lemon

Male - Brown/Fire/Orange 

Female - Chocolate/Sunshine/Sunshine

Male - Chocolate/Sunshine/Gold

Female - Chocolate/Sunshine/Orange

Pinging: misspurr-rising for your recent interest and riftersrising - Sorry there’s no stone/lemon, but there is a slate/lemon, so I figured it was worth the ping. 

header photo: Still by Nicholas Tonelli

Look at these pretty darlings! Don’t mind me though, I’m giggling from my end of the globe where we just had our Spring Equinox :P

hellaittybitty asked:

BOOP question about your lair: do y'all have any lair building exercises??? game nights? ETC

Well, I’d like to say my clan is well oiled machine when it comes to masonry and construction projects, BUT I’D BE LYING.
I have no idea how any of them manage to coordinate for long enough to get projects done. Some tunnels and chambers are either done in a manner of days, or someone is just determined enough to make a particular structure their life’s work and never stop working… even if they’re the only one doing it. For years. And they never even finish.
Many tunnels are started and left as dead-ends with halfhearted chambers tacked on the end to make them not seem so much a waste, but they’re more a facade and tend to fall into disrepair very quickly from being left unfinished.

Unfinished: One that was dug out with claws and tools, given supports of boulders and planks. Even if these are steady for general back-and-forth traffic for a while, if they resemble a mine, they’re not really done, and they don’t last for long in the land where Earthshaker resides.

Finished: Anything that’s been dampened, spattered with sand, and a fire dragon has gone through and blasted the walls, melting the sand into glass. Once that’s at a half-cooled state, a second team goes in and starts pushing flagstones and chipped boulders into the glass, using it like glue. Then the fire dragons come back in and melt that sucker again even stronger, pushing everything in as smooth as possible. 
The teams might do this a few times over, but everything tends to end up pretty damn solid. Even if a tunnel cracks from seismic activity, breaks are clean and noticeable. Most can be patched, but now and then, some tunnels either have to be diverted or abandoned.


If you’re talking about some morale-building, there’s usually sort of a weekly get together, like an informal feast that a number of the clan attend. Depending on if there’s a holiday going on, it might just be a free-for-all, or they’ll make it a feast and someone will actually get in the kitchen and cook some fancy things. There haven’t been any real banquets for months though, as the last Chef is now gone and the new one doesn’t know what he’s doing yet. There’s a mile internal struggle going on where someone is working up the nerve to claim the kitchen as their territory. lol

Game nights might involve something with the Tundras, though it probably ends up like a Dwarven celebration where someone wakes up on a table hugging a centerpiece, someone else winds up in a nest with an extremely unexpected fling, and then someone goes on a drunken raid in the store rooms and gorges themselves on the exotic plants.

No one’s done this for a while though, as all nests are empty, plant stores are not so plentiful right now, and there’s some awkward tension between some of the newer clan members and the older ones. 

Ever since the clan had to tighten it’s belt on expenditures such as new scrolls for Lydo to duplicate, no one’s been having as much fun as they were a few weeks ago. 
A few dragons blame this on Lydo’s frivolous purchases of armor and clothing. Even though a number of dragons are appreciating it, he’s still under scrutiny for spending treasure that wasn’t actually his.




I have been having good luck this festival! So far I have ground coli for 3 hours plus gathering turns and gotten 6 chests and 300 shards. That is pretty darn good! The shards are just raining down. Also like 10 noggles followed my dragons home lmao.


Okay I can’t respond normally to the other responses on this post, but for clarification:

WATERWAY ALL THE WAY. I tried other venues but nothing is dropping like waterway for me.

Did I mention I also found a bunch of sweet apparel (including scars which I love the autosell value of)

and a cape

and a waterway skin chest that lists for 150kT on AH currently


I’m just glad I’m lucky again. I’ve gotten crap during the last 2 festivals. :”’(

Oh man, it would be awesome if I could get the waverider cape finally. 8E

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