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So I wanted to make a pretty tundra girl tonight and the only dragons with iridescent in the range I wanted were all owned by some… programmer guy. I sent him a friendly price check on one of his dragons (which he had several offspring of, none in AH) and he basically sends me;
I will trade for two (2) Accent: Igniteus”
and that’s all he said. He then went instantly afk after feeding his dragons.

But something about that left me uncomfortable, even though I went off and bought 2 of those fucking accents anyways. I really would have preferred him just say 70k and be done with it, but no.
It’s not even an rp clan.

So I got the accents, considered the dragon with genes and eyes I needed, toyed around in the scryer with the project dragon even more and decided “fuck that guy”.

I went and bought these two dragons for a total of 30k and I’ll breed for the fucking eyes I need in my mom’s lair. And then she can keep them and breed more. 
Because while I was digging around and searching for all my options, I’m pretty sure some asshole’s been buying this color combo and exalting them to keep it rare. Welp, I plan to ruin that, bub.

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