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Happy Saturday to everyone - or Sunday, depending on where you live! Today I bring some richly-colored dragons, two of which are identical twins. They like to use this to their advantage, always making trouble and then getting off scot-free when the adult dragons can’t tell which hatchling did what.

Red/Obsidian/Obsidian Female (ID: 5187417) - 40k

Chocolate/Obsidian/Obsidian Male (ID: 5187419) - 40k 

Red/Obsidian/Obsidian Female (ID: 5187418) - 40k

Blood/Blood/Lemon Male (ID: 5187425) - 75k

Blood/Blood/Fire Male (ID: 5187426) - 75k

Maybe I’ve just been watching too much Star Wars lately, but, I looked at your baby spirals and uh-


The double skies don’t have very long left! The two with swamp bellies are up for 50 gems, the teal belly is 20kT, and their triple sky brother is up for 80kT.

In order of adult previews, the others are:
30kT, 15kT, 75kT (triple teal!), 25kT (second gen), 25kT (second gen), and 20kT (double storm). They’re all located here!

Can I just say, I really REALLY love how you add greens in your blue water theme? They’re incredibly gorgeous and they make me think of underwater gardens. <33333

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